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​Tables and Chairs

This is a table and booth made of cherry. We used the customer's wood. He had cut down some cherry trees, milled and stored them for a few years then called us in to make these pieces. We also did a pie safe in the same wood but
unfortunately, don't have any pictures of that.

This table and set of chairs were made for a nicely decorated log home. They fit the decor perfectly. The table top is solid oak, six feet in diameter and 2-1/4 inches thick. It's definitely a solid set that will last for many years!

Curt Weatherholt in Tecumseh, MO on Houzz

The table to the left is similar to the cherry table but done in oak with walnut accents. The picture on the right shows
the storage for the center leaf that both tables have. The tops are solid laminated wood a couple of inches thick. Very 
durable and very childproof!

Curt Weatherholt
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