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Outdoor Furniture

Curt Weatherholt
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Outdoor furniture should be as attractive and even more durable than the furniture in your home. Unfortunately, most 
of it made these days are not. If you're tired of replacing the old plastic and pot metal stuff you have to think about wood 
that's made to hold up to the elements. These pieces are done in white oak, the same wood used for making kegs that
contain liquid products. If treated every once in a while they will last for years. This is where value comes into play.

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Curt Weatherholt in Tecumseh, MO on Houzz

A friend brought this old tree bench to me to see if I could make something a bit nicer. It was used at his new home to conceal an electrical box and the old bench got to where it looked worse than what it was supposed to hide. 

 This is what he took home. It's made of Cypress and finished with spar varnish.