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The set above is done in red oak with walnut accenting while the set below is cherry and walnut. The lettering on the communion table is routed in and are walnut, not painted. Both pulpits are the same on the back as shown in the lower left picture. The book rest raises for yet more storage.

Curt Weatherholt in Tecumseh, MO on Houzz

The pews are done in solid white oak and stained Golden Pecan. They are exceptionally sturdy and configured for comfort. The book rack/communion cup holders are also done in the same solid wood. These are our designs but we can work with you on the style you want using your choice of wood, finishes and whatever else it takes to give you the results you want. Each piece is individually crafted, not factory assembled. If you think we can help or aren't even sure of that then give us a call! If we can't help you we can probably point you in the 
right direction.

We've had the pleasure of this past year to build furniture for the two churches my partner and I belong to. Like everything else, it's difficult to find good quality products at an affordable price. Often something is advertised as being solid wood but it's actually veneered plywood. While plywood is perfectly acceptable in many uses it should be called plywood, not solid wood. These pieces are solid wood, the sole exceptions being the plywood bottoms under the pew cushions, and the drawers and shelves in the pulpits. Update, this was written several years ago now. Soon after this, he wasn't able to work anymore but his spirit is in this work.

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